It’s 2009, the day before Thanksgiving. You’re leaving Atlanta and headed to Charleston to spend time with your family for the holidays. Before you go to Charleston, you’ll stop in Columbia. You’re going out tonight.

Yeah, you go out all the time, but tonight will be different. You’re headed to Blue, it’s a bar in the Vista. You’ll meet up with Justin and Teddy, and Geoff will come out when he gets off work.

Folks are in town and home for the holidays, so you’re going to see a lot of people. Friends from undergrad, socialites and The Who’s Who of Columbia, SC will be out. You’ll see a couple chicks you used to date but Columbia is a small college town and everyone talks to everyone. It’s nothing.

You’re going to meet a girl tonight. I know you meet women all the time, but this girl is different. Her name is Alisha. You know her from Twitter. She goes by the name @MissPassion. You’ve been following each other for months now but you’ve never met in person.

She lives in Charlotte, she’s an AKA and she seems cool from her tweets. She mostly tweets about school, her family, music, sports and hanging out with her friends. She’s a Panthers fan just like you and that caught your attention. She’s cute in her profile pic, but women use filters to alter their pictures all the time so there’s no telling how she’ll look in real life. But you told yourself if you ever see her out and she looks as good as her profile pic, you’re going to holla at her. She’ll be at Blue tonight, so be ready.

Blue is having a drink special tonight, so when you get there have a couple drinks. Don’t get drunk. Just have enough to feel good. Liquor is like “liquid courage” when you’re out socializing, and you’re going to need it.

When Alisha gets to Blue you’ll already be there. You’re going to see her walk in and greet a few people. She’s just as pretty in person, even more beautiful than you imagined, so you have to talk to her.

Introduce yourself. Say: “Hey, I’m Randy. @RandyExclusive on Twitter. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Hi, you look different in person,” she’ll say.

You’re going to think to yourself, “Damn, did she just call me ugly?” But stay calm, be cool. Brush that off. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so when the moment is right take your shot. You’ve been messing with her on Twitter about hooking you up with one of her line sisters, so start the conversation with that:

Randy: “So, are you going to hook me up with one of your line sisters or what?”

Alisha: “I don’t know. I’ll see what I can do.”

Randy: “What about you? Are you single?”

Alisha: “No. I don’t talk to Kappas.”

Randy: “I could be the one, though. You never know.”

She’ll curve you and walk away. It’s cool. You’ve been curved before. Don’t panic.

You’ve got all night, so the next time you see her go speak with her again. But I’ll tell you now, she’s going to curve you again and again and again. Be persistent. If she’s going to reject you, at least she’s going to remember you.

Her friends are going to look at you like you’re crazy. Your friends are going to think you’re drunk, but you’re not. By this time she’ll be tipsy, dancing, having a good time, but still not giving you the time of day. You’ve been pulling her and whispering in her ear all night, and you still haven’t gotten anywhere.

Even though you struck out all night, for one split second, she smiled at you. Maybe it was the liquor. Maybe it was the amount of attention you’ve been showing her. I can’t explain what it is, but you’ve approached hundreds of women by this point in your life. You know that look.

You’re going to tell Teddy, “I can get her.” He’s one of your best friends but he’s been watching you swing and miss all night, so even he’s like, “I don’t know about that, Rope.”

You’ll think maybe he’s right. The night is about to end and people are starting to leave. You focused your attention on this one girl all night and you didn’t get her number. To make matters worse, you spoke with another fraternity brother and close friend of yours on the way out and he says, “You know Miss Passion? She gave me her number.”


After all that “I don’t talk to Kappas” stuff, she turns around and gives her number to one of your boys. You’ll go 0-30 tonight and it’ll feel like your worst night ever. You’ll get rejected but it’s cool, you’ve been rejected before. It’s part of the game. Even Kobe Bryant has an off night, but “shooters keep shooting.” Don’t forget she smiled at you. You read The Art of Seduction and you can read body language. That means something.

Maybe she’s playing hard to get. Try a different setting. It’s not like you can’t contact her. Use Twitter and send her a direct message. Tweet about her. Send her Drake lyrics until you finally wear her down. Whatever it takes. You’ll wear her down. Trust me. She’s going to finally DM you her number and the two weeks it took for her to give you a chance will all be worth it. Don’t blow it trying to be someone you’re not. Just be you.

There’s something about her and you’ll know it from the first time you speak with her on the phone. She’s special. I’ll go ahead and tell you now… she’s the one.

I know you’re reading this and I sound crazy. But she’s intelligent, caring, compassionate, loving, fun and beautiful. Everything you’ve been looking for in a woman is in her.

She’s not like the girls you dated in high school. She’s not like the girls you dated at South Carolina State, USC or anywhere in between. She’s different.

When she says something, she’ll mean it. When she talks, you’ll want to listen. And when she’s around, you’ll enjoy every minute with her. You’re going to fall, but don’t worry, she’ll catch you.

As time passes, you’ll start to realize every relationship you’ve ever been in was to prepare you for her. All of your exs, brokenhearts and mistakes don’t matter anymore. It’s all about this woman. And for the first time in your life, without a doubt in your mind, it’ll just feel right.

They say, “when you know, you just know,” and you’ll know it.

Your whole life will change. You’ll have to make sacrifices. Everything will be different, but in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

You’re going to marry her. That’s how much she’s going to mean to you.

On March 19th, 2013, you’ll take her hand in marriage. It’ll just be the two of you. A year later, you’ll take her hand again in front of all your friends and families in a beautiful ceremony. It’ll be the best day of both of your lives.

You’ll have two kids, a daughter Braelyn and a son Kaleb. Those kids will love you. You’ll have a family of your own and every doubt, insecurity and fear you ever had about yourself will disappear. You won’t know those negative emotions. The only thing you’ll know is love.

Alisha isn’t perfect and neither are you. But she’s perfect for you and that’s all that matters. You’ll live together, grow together and figure it out.

When you’re sick, she’ll take care of you. When you’re broke, she won’t leave you. When you’re wrong, she’ll curse at you, but she’ll get over it.

Life comes at you fast. One day you’ll be talking to a girl on a night out and seven years later you’ll be celebrating four years of marriage.

On your fourth wedding anniversary, you’ll want to tell the world how much you love her, and you’ll write a letter. She’ll even offer to edit it for you. You didn’t get her an anniversary card, so you’ll hope these words are enough.

I know I told you a lot, but remember, tonight when you meet a girl named Alisha, she’s the one. And on your fourth wedding anniversary have her read this letter. Tell her “Happy Anniversary” and say “I love you.”

Tonight, just start by saying, “Hi, I’m Randy.” From there things won’t go as you planned, but life never does. That’s the fun part.

Life is a journey and the best is yet to come…