For as long as I can remember, DJ B-Lord has been the top DJ in my home state of South Carolina. If you go to a DJ B-Lord party in SC, just know it’s going to be dumb packed, the whole party is going to be rocking and Happy Juice is going to be everywhere.

Thinking back, I can’t remember exactly when I met B-Lord, but he’s been A-1 since Day-1. He’s always been a real dude, he’s always been 100, and it’s amazing to see him grow his brand from a DJ to the founder of one of the fastest growing liquor brands in the country.

In the interview below, B-Lord tells the story of how Happy Juice started and explains how his concoction became a business. But before we get into that, I want to tell my own personal Happy Juice story. Back in ’08, B-Lord DJed my birthday party in Columbia, SC, and as a gift, he handed me my own bottle of Happy Juice. I don’t remember much after that, but I do remember I had on a white T-shirt that said “I’m famous in South Carolina,” and by the end of the night, I spilled so much Happy Juice on myself, I had red juice stains all over my shirt. That was my first introduction to Happy Juice and let’s just say that was a good night.

Anyways, that’s just my personal story. Read below as B-Lord’s tell his Happy Juice story right here on

DJ B-Lord:

“For people that ain’t from South Carolina, Happy Juice basically started, just to be honest, and I don’t hide this from anybody, I was honestly tired of paying high bar tabs. Cause every party I used to do, you know I do like three, four parties a week. Every party I used to do, me and the crew used to drink a lot. We’d end up having a $300.00-$400.00 bar tabs every night. And I was tired of paying high bar tabs, so I was like, man, fuck it, I’ll come up with my own recipe or my own concoction and premix it. That way, when I take it to the club, I won’t have to worry about going back and forth to the bar, I don’t have to worry about waiting on ice. I don’t have to worry about waiting on cups or nothing. I’ll just have my own shit already at the DJ booth.

So, the first night I did it, Snook [Da Rokk Starr] had a mixtape release party at The Coop. That was the first night I took it to the club. And the first night I walked in with that shit, everybody wanted to know what was it? It was just a bottle with a happy face taped on the side of it, that’s all it was. Everybody wanted to know what it was, so that first night, I knew there was potential there, instantly. From there, it just kinda grew. It was organic. I started taking it everywhere I went.

A lot of people remember it from being in a gas can. I started having to take more and more to the club cause people kept asking for it. Everywhere I’d go, people wanted to try it, people wanted to taste it, so I had to keep putting it in bigger containers. And that’s how it got to the gas can, because the gas can, I had a 2 gallon joint, a 5 gallon joint, and they didn’t leak. They’d be rolling around in the trunk or the backseat, and they’d never leak. So, that’s kinda where the whole gas can thing came from. Just weekend after weekend, party after party, everyone seen the red gas can, with the yellow happy faces on it, everybody talking about Happy Juice, everybody got their own story and experience. So, it just kinda grew into a cult following.


Like I said, the first night I took it into the club, I knew it had potential. It was ’08, that’s when I first started trying to figure out how to turn it into an actual product. And I knew right from the beginning, the biggest challenge was going to be finding the right partners and putting together the right team to build a business. Because the alcohol business, I found out quick, like I spent some initial money on trademark stuff, I spent money on hiring attorneys to do research for me and stuff like that. And I found out quick that this shit is not easy and it’s going to take some bread, it’s going to take some time, it’s going to take the right partners and right team.

To make a long story short, I talked to a lot of different people over the course of four or five years. Finally, I met one of my partners, DeAnthony [Hill], he wanted to do a deal with me, the Happy Juice brand and Grey Goose. And that’s when the whole Grey Goose alliance came about, which has nothing to do with what we’re doing now, but that’s when I met one of my partners who had prior experience with the liquor business. And that’s kinda how the team formed. It was just a process. The main thing was finding the right partners, the right people who understood the vision, who understood the power of the brand, who understood my power, as far as understanding my following. It was just finding the right partners, and putting the machine in place to make sure we had a chance of making this shit successful.

It feels good, as you would expect. I’m in the trenches, so I’m day-to-day, really working full-time on this thing. We got bigger goals. Right now, we got distribution in six states, and that’s steady growing. We’re about to launch two new flavors this summer. And we got a big marketing campaign, we’re launching this spring. So, it’s like, we’re just growing, fam. We’re happy to be here. We’re real thankful for the team we got. We got some real dedicated individuals, like people that have been here since Day 1. From the beginning, the team was the biggest thing. I knew we had a good brand, I knew we had a good logo, we got great intellectual property, but the team is the most important shit.



A lot of people on the core team are people I’ve known for years, like my man Chubbz, Big Ish, its people I’ve been working with for years. It feels good to have people around me that’s been around me for years. And again, having solid partners that get the vision and bring their craft and areas of specialty to the table. One of my partners, [Samuel Wilson], is an international business attorney, so he’s done big deals and worked on big partnerships. My other partner, DeAnthony, like I said, he’s been involved with the liquor industry before, doing marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. So, it feels good to have a real solid team. Everybody brings something to the table.

And I’ve been DJing for a while, so that’s not something new to me. I’ve always kept a busy schedule. DJing coincides with the brand and the lifestyle. I had to make some adjustments. I don’t DJ four nights a week. I do three nights a week, cause I have to be up the next day, running the company. It’s been smooth so far. I haven’t been able to do as many mixtapes. I cut back on some of my mix shows. But for the most part, each one compliments the other. I’ve been able to parlay the DJ shit, to help promote the Happy Juice lifestyle. So far, so good.”

-As told to Randy Roper

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