Stickers coming soon!

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I’m from Charleston, South Carolina, so I always try to support and highlight people from my city doing positive things, which brings me to the homie KJ Kearney.

KJ started a campaign in Charleston called #CharlestonSticksTogether that’s pretty self-explanatory. If you’re a native Charlestonian like myself, you should definitely checkout the website. They have a dope t-shirt promoting the campaign, and I just ordered mine. So, if you rock with the campaign and know what it means to be geechee, you should probably grab a shirt, too.

#CharlestonSticksTogether is just one of many things KJ Kearney has going in Charleston. He has a nonprofit organization called H1gher Learning that raises money for sneakers for at risk students, he has a column at The Charleston City Paper, and he’s  always organizing cool events in the city. All and all, he’s a pretty good dude to stick together with.

Also, today is KJ’s birthday, so Happy Bday shout to the homie, and keep putting on and being an ambassador for the Holy City. #CharlestonSticksTogether