Down That Old Dirt Road


This is my great grandparents house. This is the home my grandmother grew up in, my father lived in until he was 9 and where my Grand Uncle Hoppy lived at until he passed in 2007.

I remember visiting the house and it was so small I had to duck down in the kitchen cause the ceiling was too low for my 6’2’’ fame. But this is my roots. The place I come to stay humble. It reminds me that our family started from the bottom. Sure we all got our fancy degrees, job titles, cars and luxuries now but we wouldn’t be here without the hard work and sacrifices of our ancestors.

This time when I visited I bought my kids. I want them to know they’re not a couple kids from an Atlanta suburb. This is their roots. They’re Geechee, descendants of slaves and our family owns acres of land in a predominantly black community down a road called Sol Legare, just off the coast of Charleston.

That’s why I go so hard for this city. I want to make my ancestors proud, and carry on their legacy. One day I’m going to rebuild this house. I don’t know when, but I owe that to my people. That too is extra motivation to keep going. A reminder that there’s more work to be done. I think the quote is “Know from whence you came. If you know from whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.” I feel that, and I’ll never forget. Let’s keep going..