Seriously, I tried to warn y’all.

I put this image on Instagram the other day. It’s an picture of the article I wrote about Drake back in ’08. I first heard about Drake when I stumbled on a song he had out called “Replacement Girl” with Trey Songz and I liked it.

From there I check out his Room For Improvement mixtape, and then his Comeback Season mixtape and I became a huge fan. I told anyone that would listen about Drake.

I ended up interviewing him for Ozone Magazine in 2008 and a year later So Far Gone came out and his career has been out of this world ever since.

I’m saying that now because his recent beef with Meek Mill, in my opinion, just pushed Drake’s legacy even further and it cemented him as the best rapper in the game right now. He’s the Jay Z of this new generation, and the way he buried Meek Mill, that’s not really debatable.

Like I said in the beginning, I told y’all this would happen. Much respect to the 6 God. His career is reaching legendary status, and he has the platinum album sales, #1 singles and rap beef victories to back it up.

As of August 3, 2015, Drake is the best out.