I remember reading The Secret in 2013 and soon after writing all my goals down in a notebook. One of my goals was to start a music festival. Something for the culture in my hometown Charleston, SC, with a bunch of local indie talent, and just rock out on a stage somewhere.

Don’t ask why I wanted to do a festival, I just did. Maybe going to A3C and SXSW over the years and seeing festivals like Coachella and Made In America from a distance I thought “if they can do it, so can I.” I didn’t know who, what, when, where or how, but in the back of my mind I always knew one day I’d help plan a festival.

A couple years later Matt Monday, an artist I’ve been working and curating with for years now, threw out the idea of doing a festival. But it never happened. Somehow the festival idea got lost in the shuffle. Fast forward to December of last year, I get a call from Matt like, “I want to do a festival.” Deja vu hit like, “Didn’t we talk about this before?,” I said. “I think so” Matt replied. “I already have the venue and I’m calling it Cultura Fest. I just need you to reach out to a few artists about booking, and I’ll handle the rest.”

And just like that our vision for a festival was coming together. I need it, too. This whole year has felt like my life is turning upside down. But I love doing shit, staying busy, and putting points on the board. Still, a lot of people, they don’t want to see Cultura Fest happen. For people that don’t want us doing this type of event in downtown Charleston, SC; just know Cultura Fest tickets are selling. We’re ready.

I don’t smoke but hopefully I catch a contact high while making sure everything runs smoothly. And when the lights go out and the smoke clears, on 4/21, we’ll start planning for Cultura Fest 2020. @culturafestivalchs @ The Royal American